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this left/right conservative liberal gridlock. >> joining me now is los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa and thank you both for being here. madam secretary, start with you and the school choice issue. you seem to be wavering on where you are in school choice. is it the answer when it comes to accountability in the local school systems or maybe are we rushing too much? >> no, i'm a big supporter of school choice so long as we have information that empowers the consumer so they can use it effectively. all of the things that go hand in hand. when parents are powered with information and the resources as governor romney said to follow with the children to schools of their choice i think it's a perfect combination. >> what is your hesitancy? right now it's no better, right? >> i don't think we're seeing that. in d.c., we have seen really effective school choice programs work around other parts of the country. here is the difference. you know, kids can vote with their feet. parents can vote with their feet whether they are in charter schools or with school vouchers as we have in d.c. >> you wo
frank from massachusetts and mayor villaraigosa, the mayor of los angeles. gentlemen, watch this. conservative groups are trying to drive home the point that president obama's out of touch in this issue. take a look at this new ad produced by gary bower, just caught it this morning. let's watch this ad they're running here. >> hey, honey. how are you? >> fine. i guess. >> what's going on? >> well, obama is trying to force gay marriage on this country. that's not the change i voted for. marriage is between a man and a woman. >> that's not the change i voted for either. >> what can we do? >> we can vote for someone with values. >> well, you know, i don't think that's a very realistic discussion. i've always wondered what it does to their relationship. nothing probably. here's the line they're putting out. obama is trying to force gay marriage on this country. you know the language that's coming out and the platform of the democratic party. does it meet this. is it forcing gay marriage on the country? >> not forcing gay marriage on the country. what he's speaking to is the notion th
an unrelated incident at pueblo's airport. he will be in los angeles tomorrow. >>> meanwhile, president obama starts with a rally in ohio tomorrow. later in the week, he will be in new york, florida, virginia, and louisiana. he will also, as we just mentioned a few moments ago, be traveling to wisconsin saturday. we'll have more on these stories over the next hour. >>> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu making the rounds on this morning's political shows. the question that kept coming up, is president obama doing enough to back israel and monitor iran? t netanyahu tried to stay out of american politics but stressed someone has to draw a line restricting iran's nuclear ambitions. >> i think as they get closer and closer and closer to the achievement of weapons-grade material -- and they're very close. they're about six months away. i think you have to place that red line before them now. >> nbc's mike vicarus standing by for us now. does the white house hear those words as a shoutout today? >> i think there's no question that there's been tension between these two leaders, president oba
that mocked islam targeted u.s. embassies throughout the muslim world. in los angeles, one map believed to be involved in the making of the film was taken in for questioning overnight. authorities said he was not arrested, not detained. two other key members of the team responsible for the film remain in hiding we're told. mike taibbi has been following the story for us. mike, first of all, who are these filmmakers and have any of them said a whole lot about the violence that resulted in part from the film? >> actually, no, craig, they haven't said a whole lot.only person that's spoken is steven klein. let me tell you who they are. the person is a man named nakoula basseley nakoula. he is an egyptian born christian. and he wasn't arrested. he wasn't brought into custody actually, but he voluntarily agreed to answer questions. 2000 get past the media bob that's been outside his house, he disguised him in the way you sa saw. the others involved in the making of this video and the decision to turn what had been a film project into this toxic video include joseph nasoula, he has a charity a
fleeing in a stolen black volvo suv, one of the safest vehicles on the road. los angeles county police caught up, an 80-minute 40-mile chase in south los angeles. during the pursuit, two bailed and then were quickly fault. the remaining two decided to get the neighborhood involved, win over the people. win the battle for public opinion by throwing money out the window. first just a few bills tossed. eventually the crooks were throwing handfuls of cash into the streets, making it rain from a v mog vehicle. as the suv sped into the narrow residential neighborhoods of south l.a., the suspects became almost strategic, they waited until crowds gathered on the curbs before throwing a another wad of crash, sending police swerving. in the end, traffic got the best of them as it always will in l.a. they pulled the men from the car and arrested them. onlookers swarmed the scene with the crowd swelling to hundreds in minutes some locals hailed the robbers as robin hoods. captain mike parker did not agree. he told an nbc affiliate, i can't imagine they did this for the good of the community. good
. >>> the los angeles times reports the boy scouts of america hit information about sex abuse cases for decades. the newspaper says the abuse was documented in secret files that 80% of the cases were not reported to law enforcement. >>> and space shuttle endeavour is still in florida. its trip to los angeles has been delayed yet again. stormy weather along the gulf of mexico means the shuttle won't depart until tomorrow heading for its permanent home at the california science center. >>> now here's time for your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. >> as the romney campaign scrambles to deal with that controversial video from a fundraiser. intel report the grandson of former president jimmy carter found the video and brought it to mother jones which broke the story. >>> congress is briefly back in session this week before lawmakers head home to campaign for reelection. roll call reports their calendars are jam-packed this week with meals, visits and receptions with lobbyists. but all qualify as fundraisers. >>> pundits believe libertarian candidate jonathan dooin may be a ke
up the country to give me the country to be mayor of los angeles and chairman of the democratic national committee. >> in fact, that constitutional amendment, george bush had put it forward. paul ryan has voted for it. it also no longer says no further same-sex marriage. it cancels my marriage. i've been married in massachusetts. after the legitimateture of massachusetts allowed it to stay in effect. mitt romney tried to undo it, the legislature wouldn't allow it. this amendment would take the marriages in seven states, marriages that have gone on for five years and revoke them. here's the problem. all the predictions they made about the terrible things that were going to happen from same-sex marriage haven't happened. they have to make things up. there was same-sex marriage in massachusetts and other states for eight years. tens of millions of americans now live in state where is you can have it. and nothing bad has happened. that's why they have to resort to silliness. and by the way as you said, they're the ones not only in the minority but a growing minority. you talk to peo
romney is out now speaking in los angeles to the hispanic chamber of commerce. let's listen in. >> it's risen by almost 15 million since president obama took office. median household income has fallen four years in a row. now, seeing such a poor jobs and income picture, the federal reserve has announced it will once again print more money. the fed knows that this comes with a high cost and risk for the future. it feels it has no other choice. our leaders in washington have failed to produce a real recovery. no one is exempt from the pain of this economy, of course, but the hispanic community has been particularly hard-hit. while national unemployment is at 8.1%, hispanic unemployment as you know is over 10%. over 2 million more hispanics are living in poverty today than the day president obama took office. in 2008 candidate obama promised us a world of limitless hope. what we got instead is a world where hope has painful limits. limits that make it harder to start a business, to grow a business, or to find a job. the administration promised us that its policies would have brought unem
at the top of the show what you are doing up at this hour. we have answers. what do you have? >> tim in los angeles writes wondering why yankees fans are doing so much complaining. check the dodger record. >> i ow
saying they will be a couple again. the two are back together after a dramatic make up in los angeles. >>> finally, lindsay lohan has been arrested again, this time in new york city for leaving the scene of an accident after clipping a pedestrian with a borrowed porsche. lohan was slurring her words and reeked of boos. lohan claims she is being set up. what do you think? >> with her track record? it's hard to believe that. >> it's always the first place you go. shocker. at least she's back in the news again. what are you thinking, first of all, driving in new york city? >> driving, then to be reeking of boos and driving. yeah. there's no good place to be. >> yeah. it's lindsay, though. when is she ever going to learn? >> probably no time soon. >> i'm veronica dela cruz. "way too early" with willie geist starts right now. >>> mitt romney continues to address the secretly recorded video tape saying as president, his campaign is for the 100% of the united states, not the 53% he talked about in the video. with discouraging battleground polling out, how will he close the gap in the states
the doubleheader with the nats. los angeles two games back. week three of the nfl season begins tonight. cam newton and the panthers. that game gets going at 8:20 eastern time. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," romney is campaigning for 100% of america. he's going to have to campaign awfully hard to make up a difference in a number of key states. we'll have the new numbers. >>> we'll huddle around the water cooler to hear the story of an iowa couple who had to share their wedding venue with the commander in chief. look at those toys. insurance must be expensive. nah. [ dennis' voice ] i bet he's got an allstate agent. they can save you up to 30% more by bundling your policies. well his dog's stupid. [ dennis' voice ] poodles are one of the world's smartest breeds. are you in good hands? ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a stunning work of technology. introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> we told you at the top of the show mitt romney campaigned in florida yesterday, appearing at a forum in miami at a spanish net
evening. i'm chris matthews in los angeles. let me start with difficulties mitt romney has been having in the campaign. who proved that effort to suppress the black vote which bill clinton calls the most blatant he's ever seen. if he and his agent says his party wasn't behind it, he should say so. who did this attack on poor people and welfare for not having a work requirement? wasn't it mitt romney saying, i'm mitt romney and approve the message. who has backed out the obstructionist number one congress and their priority to terminate the president obama win through the filibuster. he used the dirty tools of the old say, voter suppression, coded racial appeals. if he's having a tough month maybe he earned a few more. howard fineman is here but first new polls in the presidential race. the "hardball" scoreboard. according to a new "national journal" poll he leads romney by seven. 50/43 and has a seven-point nationally. romney, 45 and obama, 52. the new purple strategies poll, in north carolina, president obama has a two-point lead over mitt romney, 48/46% and look at this, the race is
has taken may make it look weak down the road. >> surely it's coming out of the los angeles or the reverend terry jones to denounce out of l.a. and say that romney hasn't done so. let's watch the secretary. >> let me state very clearly and i hope it is obvious that the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. we absolutely reject its content and its message. >> why doesn't romney say that? would that offend one of his people? these people that keep staring up wars by burning koran, flushing down the toilet, paying on them, whatever they are doing lately, is doing nothing but killing american soldiers. david? >> chris, romney has painted himself into a corner as the no apology guy, mr. never back down. there are a lot of people on the republican right who are bought into this idea that there's a clash of civilizations going on. you see this every day on the internet and i guess romney in ap a kind of political opportunist way does not want to offend people that are going to be supporters of his. he's got to break out of that. he just -- every tim
that he had, that interview he also had a speech out in los angeles where he spoke to hispanic business owners. not much detail in that speech either. it seems that there's going to be a shift in terms of their campaign, really was both a reaction to that article and also an attempt to distract from it as well, to change the subject and to essentially say, we're going to do more policy but i've yet to see that today and it will be interesting to see throughout this week he's going to be in miami. he has fund-raisers tomorrow if in fact he does put more meat on the bones, he hasn't so far and that is one of the reasons that republicans are doing all of this hammering and he's got 50 days to do it and we'll see what happens. >> now, bob, not only inside the campaign where sources are come paining but outside the campaign other republicans, for example, the hill newspaper sent an article out that they actually detail some republican lawmakers slamming the romney campaign. one senator says, quote, romney needs to say if you elect me, this is what you're going to get. another says, my advise
strongest character trait, resolute. resolute, yes, but toward what? some trouble makers in los angeles put out a preview of an anti-islamic movie. it goes viral. gets translated into arabic, hits the high cairo streets and embassy. does romney decry the anti-islamic movie? no, he had nothing to say about that. nothing at all. all he did was put out a statement attacking a statement, some official in the cairo embassy put out decrying the anti-islamic movie. mr. romney had nothing to say about the movie that stirred things up. let's agree on this. except the snippets he issued attacking his rival he doesn't have much to say at all about anything. that's the huge emt iness people are starting to notice in this person, except for his faith, family and business, he doesn't have a whole lot on his mind, in his mind. he's been in public life a long time, perhaps a generation now. if he thought anything was curious about anything, had discovered anything in life, he's yet to let it out. and, yes, this is why his tent is starting to flop. the great writer william man chester described in 1948 pres
. >> good morning, alex. from sunny, well actually dark los angeles right now. >> i was going to say you are up early girlfriend. let's start with the fed. they launched another aggressive stimulus program. they're pumping billions into the economy. why are they doing this? >> well, the fed is actually pumping, as you said, billions into the economy. they're buying about $600 billion worth of bonds. and the reason why they're doing that is that they're trying to drive down those borrowing costs. and basically this is part of a new stimulus package program that they've had in the past. kwechlt one qe-2 and this is quantitative easing 3. as i would say take three. what they're trying to do is drive down those borrowing costs but also trying to get that unemployment rate down to about 7%. they're not going to ease up on this quantitative easing until that rate is down at that level. >> okay. how about consumer prices now, we saw the highest jump in three years. retail sales rising about 1%. that is the largest increase since february. what accounts for this? the rising consumer inflation? >
in los angeles where people are going to be able to go see it. endeavor is spending tonight north of los angeles and tomorrow it will take to the skies for it's last flight ever. this is the last one. it will be the last time any shuttle will leave the ground ever and that makes one thing about this flight today poignant and cool. when the shuttle lifted off you may remember that the commander was captain marketly. husband of gabrielle giffords. she was still in the early stages of recuovering from a gunshot wound of the head. the flight path gave captain marketly an idea and here he is bringing that up in a telephone interview with nasa yesterday morning. >>> here is the thing. nasa did so. as endeavor made a slow passover the university of arizona they were there watching from a roof of a parking garage. the associated president reporting as it flew by, he leaned over to her and said that is my space ship. she started hooting and
"hardball." ♪ >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews out in los angeles. doing the bill more show tonight. let's start with the difficulties mitt romney has been having in the campaign. romney is reaping what he sowed. who was it that aplowed that multistate effort to suppress the black vote which bget calls the most blatant he's ever seen. if he and his agent wasn't behind it, he should say so. who was it thata straighted this racially attack on people on welfare? wasn't that mitt's voice we heard saying i am mitt romney and i approve this message? who was it who has been out there backing 100% the obstructionist republican congress and its number one priority, to terminate the obama presidency through the filibuster. if romney's got it hard, perhaps it was he from the start using the dirty tools of the old days that's responsible. voter suppression, coated racial appeals, the filibuster. if he's having a tough month, maybe he's earned a few more. howard fineman and joy ann reid are here. first, new polls in the presidential race. let's check the "hardball" scoreboard. according to a national
.e.i. store in the same area brought in about 1,000 applications for the same number of jobs. "los angeles times" has a story with the title mitt romney plan ups taxes on many. the report says the governor's budget plan would significantly raisin come tax for families making between 100,000 and $200,000. the analysis found romney's plan could work but it would require eliminating the deductions for mortgage interest, charitable contribution and state and local taxes. >>> both sides in the presidential campaign trying to calibrate their messages on the unrest that has spread now beyond the middle east. for more on that and some new polls i'm joined by washington bureau chief for "usa today" susan page and editor in chief of -- reid wilson. >> susan, i'll begin with you. how are these protests and attacks playing out politically for both the president and mitt romney? >> i think they've got the potential to be pretty troublesome for both of them. mitt romney's gotten some criticism this week for speaking as the crisis was still unfolding, seeming opportunistic in talk about it. for president
known for his oscar-nominated role in "the green mile" has died in los angeles. he been hospitalized since july after suffering a heart attack from which he never recovered. the 6'5", 300-pound duncan was from chicago where he worked for a gas company digging ditches before he left for hollywood to chase his dream of being an actor. tom hanks, duncan's co-star from the "green mile" remembered the akor saying i am terribly saddened at the loss of big mike. he was the treasure we all discovered on the set of the "the green mile" he was magic and his passing leaves us stunned. michael clarke duncan was 54 years old. >>> still ahead, a great final-round leaderboard at the deutsche bank u.s. open. highlights in sports. >>> and some democrats propose an answer at this convention to the empty chair, one-man show put on in tampa by clint eastwood. who do they want to be their client? we'll check the weather when "way too early" comes back to the blackstone saloon in charlotte, north carolina. >>> stand up, stand up and fight. nothing is inevitable here, we're americans, and we never give up,
. >>> now, here is your first look at some of the other news going on around america today. in los angeles it was take the money and run and then throw it out of the window. a pair of suspected bank robbers tossed out wads of stolen cash while being chased by police. when the thieves were finally captured, one woman dove into the truck to try to get a piece of all that currency. police quickly surrounded the truck to stop a mob seen. >>> in new york city it tease hairdo 15 years in the making, you're looking at the guinness world record holder for the tallest mohawk. 8'6". it stands atop the fashion designer from japan who says it takes the style left two hours, two cans of hairspray and one can of gel. >>> after six weeks, the panda at the san francisco zoo is starting to open his eyes. it will take three more weeks to open them fully. in mean time the zoo is taking suggestions on what to name them. >>> now for a look at the national weather, we turn to meteorologist todd santos. i can never get enough of baby animals. i'm not discriminating. i'll take any of them. >>> something in common
it themselves. ♪ >> allison conrad and stephanie more ran, founders of the los angeles based company, blushington had a big hurdle to overcome when they launched their company. >> a lot of people thought of makeup just as once or twice in their lifetime, their wedding and prom. >> we are trying to change the way people think about makeup and everyday makeup application. >> blushington is a makeup and beauty lounge where you can go last minute and for not a lot of money to get your makeup done. >> i love it. it's amazing. >> ali webb, owner of dry bar where people can go to get their hair blown out dealt with this same type of attitude adjustment. while most people get their hair done only when it gets cut or for a very special education, ali had a different idea. >> i wanted to change that and made it an affordable luxury and make it something you could do once a week. >> these three women are turning luxuries into necessities for their businesses to work. they have had to create a market. let people know that good makeup and hair isn't something that you want. it is something you ne
appearances in ohio and new hampshire, romney is in los angeles speaking to the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce. he's touting his plan for business owners and the middle class while a new ad ratchets up the pressure on a global competitor. >> my plan is to help the middle class. trade has to work for america. that means crack down on cheaters like china. it means open up new markets. next, we've got to balance the budget. you've got to cut the deficit. you've got to stop spending more money than we take in. and finally, champion small business. have tax policies, regulations and health care policies that help small business. we put those in place, we'll add 12 million new jobs in four years. >>> meanwhile, we're getting new information about what was supposed to be the critical speech of mitt romney's presidential campaign, the one he gave at the republican national convention in tampa. politico citing unnamed sources says the romney campaign went through two different sets of speechwriters and then used practically nothing from either draft. mike allen and jim vandahai. romney and
matthews out in los angeles, doing the "bill mahr show." let me start with the difficulties mitt romney's been having in this campaign. the fact is romney is reaping what he sowed. who was it that suppressed the effort to suppress the black vote? if he and his agent, the chairman of his party wasn't behind it, he should say so. who orchestrated this racially coded attack on poor people, welfare, for not having to meet a work requirement? wasn't that mit's voice saying, "i'm mitt romney, and i approved this message"? who's been backing 100% the obstructionist republican congress and its number-one priority to terminate the obama presidency through the filibuster? if romney's got it hard, perhaps it was he from the start using the dirty tools of the old days this responsible, voter suppression, coded racial appeals, the filibuster. if he's having a tough month, maybe he's earned a few more. howard fine men and more are here. first, new polls in the presidential race. let's check the scoreboard. according to a national journal poll, president obama leads 50-43. the president also has a sev
. >> and now the surprise guest you've been waiting for. joining us by phone from los angeles, mark halpern himself. the obvious first question who are you wearing? >> i am wearing mr. armani as i almost always do. >> are you really? is that a rental or do you own an armani tuxedo? >> well i broke down and bought an armani tuxedo anticipateing some day we would end up at the emmys. >> good to be a best selling author. look at this photograph. i guess my next question is do we have any idea at this hour where john heilman is very worried. >> he's either sound asleep at the hotel or goodness knows where. >> i would say the latter. we're looking at pictures of you behind tom hangs. pretty cool to be up there for all that you do and all the important people you spend time around. what was it like last night? >> great people. tom hangs, julianne moore. from start to finish great group of people to work with. they won the big prize for that movie or mini series. they asked us to come up with them. we sprinted to the stage to make sure we wouldn't be late. >> you have prime p
obama in los angeles. the hollywood reporter also says that on the bill with wonder will be jennifer hudson and katy perry. >>> michael bloomberg is on the number one richest person in political office in the u.s. according to the annual forbes list of richest americans. >>> according to the weather channel, up to 35% of undecided likely voters say bad weather could keep them from heading to the polls on election day in november. >>> paul ryan, a green bay packers fan from wisconsin, chimed in on the referee ruling that cost his team a win monday night. ryan joked, quote, i half think these refs work part-time for the obama administration in the budget office. >>> mitt romney had kind words for bill clinton yesterday, saying a few nice words from bill clinton can do a lot of good, he said. and he joked that he would wait for his clinton bounce in the polls. >>> and mr. romney's wife, ann, was on the "tonight show" with jay leno talking about his husband's plans for america's future and she explained to jay how she feels about mitt running for president. >> four years ago i made a vid
of anarchy" was found dead thursday in los angeles. he was suspected in the killing of an 81-year-old woman who may have been his landlord. lewis who once dated katie pind fell or jumped off a roof. >>> and nasa is looking at these new photographs from mars that show pebbles rounded off. scientists say it may be a sign that water once flowed on the red planet, possibly enough to fill a stream. >>> now here's a look at "scrambled politics." nbc's michael is could have is reporting that the republican national committee fired a firm used to sign up voters in five battleground states. this after election officials in florida discovered more than 100 voter registration forms that appeared to have fake signatures and home addresses. some traced back to a gas station, a medical building and car dealer. >>> missouri republican todd ache akin who has come under fire for his legitimate rape comment is coming under fire again. he said that the incumbent was not as ladylike in her debate last week compared to her previous campaign. >>> billionaire george soros will give $1 million behind the super pac
's competing closely with president barack obama to win. the president won four years ago. he will head to los angeles, miami, and las vegas this week. and florida and nevada. >> peter alexander traveling with the romney campaign in colorado. pete, thanks so much. appreciate that, sir. to help make sense of our political headlines, we have mark murray here in the studio with us. a rare treat. live and in person. let's start with colorado there. you wrote i think it was back in august that this is the fourth most likely state to flip from blue to red. what's happening in colorado here as of late. >> right now it's pretty even steven contestment a lot of internal pollings you get a sense from the owe bottom ma and romney campaigns this is competitive. it wasn't that case in 2008 after president obama had his political convention in denver. that was seen as an easy win. you almost look at colorado as 50/50. there is pressure for mitt romney to be able to win this thing. president obama has the advantage in florida, ohio, virginia. mitt romney can't concede colorado to president obama. and preside
they will come out to vote on the 6 of november. >> how does the party ensure that? you have los angeles mayor, talking with tough words he wanted to say. so how do you inspire the latino voters, who as you point out, we can't say this enough, we are talking 64% to 30%. i said commanding. there needs to be a whole new word. since we like football analogies, if that was a game, that would be a certified whipping bit other team there. what do you do to get those people out? >> this is the issue. it is fascinating, if you look at nbc wall street journal telemundo polls we have been doing on the latino community specifically, you will see in can contrast to the voting population, latinos are almost evenly divided on whether the country is going into the right direction. that's a huge statement in favor of president obama. but latinos feel their children won't have the same opportunity they had in this country. so it is an interesting dichotomy. the problem is, latinos have been so affected by the unemployment crisis, 10.3%. home foreclosure crisis that affected latinos. that is tapping done on the
-- they quote a woman named lillian. >> tv ads. >> lillian glass, a los angeles-based body language expert who says about romney, he's turned into a different person. he's become more passionate, more emotional, more dynamic. >> wait, wait. the associated press is actually -- >> quoting lillian glass. >> body language expert? >> this woman comments. >> she's an expert. i would say i don't see what ms. glass sees, but i think if romney's going to have a chance to get back in this, he needs to do exactly what she says he's already done. he needs to become more compassionate, emotional, dynamic and a communicator. he has not done that yet. >> he's gripping the microphone as opposed to holding it like a teacup. >> he used to hold it like a teacup. >> she's right about what needs to happen. i just haven't seen it yet. >> she's a body language expert. they're going to do more 30-second ads, but they've been doing the 30-second ads. i think mitt romney needs to tell people what he'll do when he's president of the united states. >> commercials can have an impact as well as money, mark. very hard. and
is a farce, right? every poll. suddenly the methodology for polling is a farce. and suddenly los angeles police officers are brown shirts. brown shirts. people calling american law enforcement officers brown shirts simply because they're taking a guy in john heilemann who's on probation already. who's on probation. they have a right to do that under the constitution of the united states of america. they've been so frantic this weekend. they're chasing their tails because mitt romney is an awful candidate. and now even conservatives, eric erickson out this morning, rupert murdoch said it, jack welch said it, i said it last week and have been absolutely pilloried by the extreme right wing. it's a reality -- he's a horrible candidate. he's got perhaps one of the worst-run presidential campaigns in modern american history. but now it's the pollsters' fault and it's the brown shirts' fault for going after this, quote, christian filmmaker, as matt drudge called him over the weekend, a christian filmmaker. >> yes, there were a couple of prominent conservative bloggers calling for the president'
. they're going to have to change the name of the city of los angeles. >> you know i think this is fundamentally mitt romney doesn't know the latino community. the majority agree they should be learning english. i want to talk about this whole 47%. when he talked about 47%, he's also talking about latinos who are working two to three jobs who believe in the american dream. he by going after the 47% is attacking those people. he doesn't understand these people are hard working. they believe in their possibility and they don't feel like victims. if anything they feel that by working these jobs it might be tough today, but there's an as preparation for a better tomorrow and that's what i find so disappointing with this comment. >> the latest poll showed that latinos support obama about 68% and romney at 26%. he said that if he thinks the latino lines up that way with president obama, it is a threat to this nation. >> again, it's mitt romney not understanding the latino community. had hert
2-0 before moving across the country and later becoming my team, the los angeles dodgers. i know it's bittersweet here for some new yorkers. but there you have it. remember, don't blame walter o' malley. blame the leaders of new york city. there are a slew of new polls out. all showing president paum with an edge over mitt romney. florida shows a one-point lead for the president. the president leads by 14 in romney's childhood home in michigan. north carolina, believe it or not. a poll out there has the president up four points. ohio, the president with a five-point lead. pennsylvania, new poll shows two points separating president barack obama and mitt romney. counter conventional numbers there as well. a distinguished senior fellow at demoos. kelly wallace is right next to me here. very cozy. and "the new york times," nicholas --. got it mostly right. the battle ground presentation there. does it feel like they are showing either mitt romney overperforming or president obama overperforming. but there seems to be a general trent that the president looks stronger in battleground tha
time. >>> in new orleans, 129,000 people still have no power. >>> a rude awake innocence in the los angeles area thork, a magnitude 3.3 earthquake. there are no reports of damage or injuries. >>> back to charlotte now, where the democrats have some big-name performers coming to the convention this week. among them the foo fighters, mare,j. blige,ered, wind & fire, and as we just reported marc anthony will be singing the national anthem. with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! put it on my spark card! [ high-pitched ] nice doin' business with you! [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve the most rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like
to the man behind the center of the controversy, los angeles mayor, antonio villa rig go sa. first congressman barney frank is here. we're in the saloon in charlotte. hey. hey eddie. i brought your stuff. you don't have to do this. yes i do. i want you to keep this. it'd be weird. take care. you too. [ sighs ] so how did it go? he's upset. [ male announcer ] spend less time at gas stations. with best in class fuel economy. it's our most innovative altima ever. ♪ it's our most innovative altima ever. capella university understands back from rough economic times. employees are being forced to do more with less. and the need for capable leaders is greater than ever. when you see these problems do you take a step back, or do you want to dive right in? with a degree in business from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to go further in your career than you ever thought possible. let's get started at capella.edu >>> democrats have the die sersty angle well covered by filling the convention hall with democrats. black people, asians, sikhs, jews, muslims, hippies, veterans, babi
correspondent for "the huffington post," sam stein. and drum roll, please, willie, in los angeles, msnbc and "time" magazine senior political analyst, now emmy award winner mark halperin. halperin, are you still -- are you a little sleepy this morning? are you kind of on a high? >> no, i'm all good. no, i'm all good. we've had a good evening. >> it was great. >> look at him. >> he's glowing. >> he's taking the job kind of seriously, isn't he, coming to work in a tux? >> our "game change" boys, john heilemann, mark halperin celebrating a huge win for "game change," the hbo political drama based on their book about the 2008 election. it won four awards, four awards. look what's going on here. best overall mini-series or movie, best writing and directing, lead actress julianne moore who's so awesome, also won for her outstanding performance playing sarah palin. it was a huge night. i, of course, watched none of it. willie, i'm sure you were in bed at 7:30, "way too early." >> i saw some of it. i saw some of their wins. congratulations to mark and john. we're very excited for them. we do, as
convention more than once. the answer is six. philadelphia, chicago, san francisco, los angeles, miami and new york. not boston. how about that? they've all hosted multiple conventions. we'll be right back. with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! put it on my spark card! [ high-pitched ] nice doin' business with you! [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve the most rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? [ "human" by the human league playing ] humans. we mean well, but we're imperfect creatures living in a beautifully imperfect world. it's amazing we've made it this far. maybe it's because when one of us messes up, someone else comes along to help out. that's the thing about humans. when things are at their worst, we're at our best. see how at liberty
with the crowds in libya and egypt protesting an anti-muslim film, apparently made in los angeles. "time" magazine's mark hallperin and howard fineman. take a look at the timeline of events over a very significant 24-hour period. it started yesterday morning about 6 a.m. eastern time. noon in cairo. that's when the american embassy put out a statement saying it condemns the continuing effort by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslim, in reference in part to the movie. throughout the day in cairo protesters marched on the embassy protesting the film. at noon the embassy wall was breached and the american flag was ripped down around 10:00 at night. secretary clinton released a statement condemning the violence. at 10:09 the romney camp sent a statement to the press saying it's disgraceful the obama's administration first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions but sympathize with those who waged the attacks. around that time the white house disavowed the embassy statement from earlier that day. a few hours later tweeted, obama sympathizes with attackers
of los angeles, and that's where the studios are where much of this movie was shot in the summer of 2011p. who's responsible for the content neither one of the two gentlemen is on a watch list for any hate speech watch groups at this point. says that they're responsible for the content. only one a man named steve klein, a flamboyant guy in his writings and web tv show and leaflet campaigns uses much of the same language and uses many of the same themes that are used in the film itself. it's not really a film. just a 14-minute video. we looked at it a couple times. klein says he told us and reporters that he approved the script, that the script is truthful according to his version of the truth. and he's now as you can see him in his truck right now, claiming that he had to leave town because there have been believable death threats against him. he's the only person who has been associated and has made any admissions about his direct responsibility for the final product as it was finally posted on the web. >> and you've watched the film, mike. i've looked at the trailer. we're not going to
in los angeles before. but when was the last time you saw something like this? look at the screen. suspects throwing wads of cash out the car window as officers close in. not a scene from a movie either. the alleged bank robbers were ultimately cornered after they got stopped by heavy traffic. two men arrested, two other suspects still at large. but they drew quite a crowd. >>> we are keeping our eyes on the van dyke park in fair fax, virginia. mitt romney expected to hold a rally there in just a few minutes while he criticizes the president's handling of the embassy violence in libya. now what has grown into cairo and also reports of yemen. but republicans have been critical of him, although he does have some support. and we show you these live pictures on the streets of cairo where protesters continue this hour. tear gas being fired into the crowd. we'll bring you the latest and take a closer look at the controversial film being blamed for spark this uproar. >>> developing right now, two events we are keeping an eye on. they're about to kick off on the campaign trail on the left
me. romney will kick off with a speech in los angeles to hispanic voters. romney will try to amplify his economic message, arguing latino have been disproportionately hurt by the economy and says when it comes to immigration, politics has been put ahead of people for too long. i will work with republicans and democrats to permanently fix our immigration system. he will be sitting down with telemun telemundo, our colleague over there, jose diaz-balart. >>> dealing with china is one issue the or 'bama campaign has been very sensitive and you the romney campaign aggressive. the cleveland plains dealer first reported today in ohio, the president will announce that the white house will ask the world trade organization, the wto, to demand that china stop subsidizing auto parts made for export arguing the process undercuts manufacturers in ohio and elsewhere by reducing the cost of chinese auto parts, the second china announcement we can remember the president making while campaigning in ohio in just the last month. >>> finally, remember three weeks ago went obama campaign officials and sur
politico's exclusive reporting. the candidate is in los angeles today to address the hispanic chamber of commerce and sit down with telemundo while president obama arrived in cincinnati, his 12th visit to ohio. his home away interest home. >>> and live from new york, "snl" inaugurates a new president obama. ♪ i so in love with you >> that was fun, right? so, do you want that or this. ♪ eieio >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. with 50 days to go team obama is monitoring an explosive situation across the arab world, while the romney campaign is coping with questions about its internal management today. and whether a team that the candidate is loyal to, can now help him unseat an incumbent president. joining me for our daily fix, chris alyssa, msnbc contributor and mark halperin, senior political analyst for "time" and msnbc. welcome both. chris, 50 days to go, we've got a very close race despite, you know, some advantage for president obama in battleground states. is this the time for the romney team to be doing sort of a postmortem almost as if they've already lo
state of north carolina, mitt romney has just wrapped up an event in los angeles. the president is scheduled to speak shortly in ohio, while the vice president and the man who wants his job are dueling it out in iowa this very hour. it's a busy monday, and time is short, which is why it seems a little odd to start the week with one of the presidential campaigns forced to hit the reset button. that's right. all of mitt romney's soldiers and all of his men are scramb scrambling to put his campaign back together again, and what's their solution to this crisis? well, just listen to romney campaign director ed gillespie in a conference call to reporters this afternoon. >> governor romney and congressman ryan this week making a strong push to highlight some of the specific aspects of the romney plan for a stronger middle class. this push reflects our view that after a successful convention where people learned and voters learned a lot about mitt romney as a person, they're eager to hear more details about policies to turn our economy around. >> yes, we couldn't agree more, more specif
postponed, an airplane crash in pa web low, colorado, monday in los angeles, not a swing state, today, utah and texas. tomorrow, back in florida. jonathan martin this is not the schedule, what you would expect of a september candidate running for president. >> it does strike me as light, but to be fair to the romney folks, takes a lot of money to be president of the united states. i think he is spending many of those days raising money, not raising money, he is doing debate prechlt the romney folks believe this campaign increasingly is coming down to these three debates. if he misses one swing state rally on one saturday but gets in three hole hours of debate prep, in their eyes, that's tradeoff they will take. there is no question, we are now at 49 days out, getting to the point where one rally every other day is not going to cut t he is going to have to do more. >> remarkable contrast to '08, woe do six, seven events in iowa. how can he do this many? that's not -- a primary and a general election are two very different things. >> he has the energy. >> now i think he has got to put himself
in los angeles, and then later, that secretly recorded video of romney's remarks at a may 17th fund-raiser in boca raton, florida, that came out, included a reference, as you know, about his father being born of american parents in mexico. let's listen to that. >> had i been born of mexican parents, i'd have a better shot of winning this, but he was -- unfortunately, born of americans living in mexico. they lived there for a number of years and, i mean, i say that jokingly, but it would be helpful being latino. >> jose, what do you think? how will latinos view that when they do listen to it? >> it reminds me, richard, of the great cuban patriot jose marti, who said once, "if i weren't cuban, i certainly would have wished i were." but this is a different story, because this is mitt romney joking about the fact that he wishes that he could include in his resumÉ the fact that his parents were mexican american. >> right. >> and the fact of the matter is that when you have 50.5 million latinos living in the united states of america, the overwhelming majority of whom are of mexican backg
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